Urban Screens

Urban Screens

NEMEC CASCADE GARDEN Ltd. would like to introduce a unique and innovative concept of making cities greener. As cities are becoming more dense and polluted, it has never been so important to have as much greenery as possible. High levels of noise, hazardous airborne pollutants are all factors that affect our day to day lives. Cities are not inflatable and the possibilities to build new parks are scarce. Fotunately we have a vision. A vision called Vertical Urban Screens.

Urban Screens are stand-alone green walls and can be placed anywhere with a straight and rigid surface. Solar energy powers the automatic irrigation system through a rechargeable battery. Inner 1.5m3 water reservoirs provide water for a 3 – 4 month cycles with extra water collectors for recouperation.

Hidden WIFI will transform the Urban Screen into a free WIFI hotspot where people can relax and surf the web at the same time. This connection will enable us to monitor each wall separately and know in an instant if attention is needed.

The Urban Screen Living Smart Bench can provide and store the following data:
- Amount of CO2
- Air temperature and humidity
- Atmospheric pressure
- Surrounding noise levels
- Rainfall
- Wind speed

Urban Screens properties

Instant 16m2 of lush greenery on demand

Comfortable bench to rest on

Comfortable bench to rest on

Free WIFI hotspot

Free mobile phone charging spot

Noise reduction and attenuation


Improved air quality

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